"If the Whitney Biennial comes, can the Whitney Counterweight be far behind?"
Grace Glueck, N.Y.Times, 1981

Bill Rabinovitch's "unofficial entry" into the 2017 Whitney Biennial has over 100 likes in several places, including Loren Munks page ( alias James Kalm's YouTube videos of NYC art openings ).

So this means notice of Bill's image has been seen by thousands, certainly the Whitney staff & curators. Thus he promoted this image / story, making a splash, without actually being in this Biennial.

Henry Taylor's were the only paintings Bill found gripping with holding power.


Bill Rabinovitch "Couple Receiving the Blue Light 6 The Stained Glass Window In The 2017 Whitney Biennial" 03-16-17

Relates to the beautiful multicolored faux stained glass window in the just opened 2017 Whitney Biennial with early morning light streaming onto a couple as seen in the James Kalm Video Documentary Part 2 having a revelatory effect on them. Facebook link here.

Bill Rabinovitch "Searching For Truth on Facebook During the 2017 Whitney Biennial - The Ongoing Controversy about Dana Shultz's Painting of Emmett Till Versus the Opinion's of Hannah Black & Allied Groups" 03-24-17 Proposed unique print 60" x 72"

Dana who actually looks like her on the right & I know her - & also with Hannah a bit upset on the right as part of the larger picture of things. Who the other woman - up to you to decide. Hundreds of artists & writers participating on many FB threads . Consciousness is being raised. Facebook link here.

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