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Tim Maxwell

November 5, 2013

October 17, 2013 Detail

Tim's drawings are influenced by Celtic illuminated manuscripts, medieval depictions of the Last Judgment, human ornamentation, and the self-help quality of punk and hardcore music. Like Renaissance and Baroque Period artists, he finds inspiration in Greek and Roman mythological figures, which he “un-constructs” or flays and then reconstitutes in a style that uniquely melds street and tattoo art. Through this process, he heightens the figures’ allegorical implications of timeless sorrow that parallel his own feelings of personal distress and anguish.

Every mark becomes its own internal space, each bundle of lines a mini-vignette or landscape, each plane its own world, with the whole evolving into a cosmology of interconnected parts.


Tim's creative writing called Diatribes flow from the same wellspring as his images-- The relationships -- the meanings are often astonishing.


The bar was set so low we knew we didn't have a chance. And yet here we stood, austere in movement, insane in thought, and overconfident in ability with nothing to say and a lot of opinions. What happened next would remain forever in the darkest corners of our souls, reminding us just how shallow that any movement would be and always will. And yet I joined in and went for a walk, looked at art and listened in:

Speaker unknown:

"Trends are fickle friends, harmless in their own right, but necessary nuisances towards personal growth and development. But if passively and slavishly consumed and sought, this habit will create and consume the inner senses, making the trend your only master, where any pillar of progress becomes unattainable, and artistic growth a slavish result contingent only upon the trend as your only friend, forever searching for the person you thought you were searching for."

Fuck, i agree, that sucks. now what. I was hoping I was asked about the drastic climate changes, so I could say:

"Yeah- weather is very drastic"

But, I was thinking instead that every day in the studio is practice for the next day, until the next, until the next etc. (ad infinitum or ad nauseum)........till the piece can no longer sustain itself or I can no longer sustain the piece. It occurred to me that each piece is practice for a prelude to the next drawing to the next, with no mastery or endpoint to reach because it is the practice (or it's synonym process) that becomes the endpoint not the mastery, that makes the next drawing a panacea of possibilities never succumbing to the ennui of mastery. And this may be true with any medium of choice in any discipline, maybe any vocation (I'd mention paradigm shifts, but that would be more of a tangent. And anyone who thinks they have mastered any medium, is easily satisfied, short-sighted, dishonest, or easily appeased by market feedback (vindication through profit or through others) ergo insane, clinically. However, being an artist who prizes practice over finish may create a problem in itself, not for the maker but for the audience. The viewer seeks answers, reference points. To show any signs of weakness or the inability to present a polished idea/product which admits its own shortcomings, vulnerability, and questions the lack of authoritative power and gravitas which mastery or belief offers by reciprocation of idea/object or a stale discourse of agreement in which self-referential and ironic devices are employed to undermine the essence of making something that is outside the word/object that is believed to be the real quest for the artist- to inspire not negate, leave open to interpretation not to illustrate/comment an idea or propagate a dialogue with the past, to follow the path of least consensus, rather than no consensus . To be humble (I prefer calling it pleasure, solitude, and making as an end in itself)

(Deep breath-long dogmatic paragraph)

Ok, and that made me think- this may point as to why the visual arts have lost its appeal (I think in rational hyperbole). And if appeal is money, i am very sorry, you are boring and have a cardboard soul. But if appeal is intensity, commitment, and for lack of a sappier word, love, I don't see it. I hear and read about it but that's the extent. We are bored of answers, bored of history we didn't live through but must embrace because history ricochets from the past to tame and idle us now. We wouldn't want to upset the status quo of the academic obedient, which just coincidently strengthens the ennui.

(This is a repost. Polemic is dry and esoteric, I know. I'm trying to teach me self how write. But I am trying to organize my writings, all of 'em. More interesting things to come, like a death of an artist and birth of a child. Now, just same ," I think I'm deep and I'll put it in word so I can work later- fuck)
Whitney Counterweight 2014
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