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Alexandra Penris-Egger

Ontmoetingsplek (Meeting Place - Translated by Bing)

Coffee painting (but using coffee instead of paint)

The painting mountain girl from Kufstein The artistic career of Alexandra Penris-Egger (Kufstein, 1971) started off with a bang at the end of last year. In order to beat a long-term illness and a midlife crisis, the self-taught woman started painting and drawing out of nothing. Visual artist Tejo Verstappen recognizes talent in the work of Penris-Egger and encourages her to continue. She draws using charcoal from the barbecue. She searches the dump for enamel paint. Friends encourage her to post her drawings and paintings on Facebook so more people can see them. Since then she publishes new work on a daily basis, and more and more followers admire her work. The doghouse at her home in Ulestraten also serves as her studio. Who is Alexandra Penris-Egger? The Austrian was raised in a Catholic family. Alexandra studied to become a nurse. She worked as a ski instructor and nurse in a rehabilitation center, although she really wanted to become an actress and singer. She met her Dutch husband on the ski runs sixteen years ago. She moves to the Netherlands, marries and gets two kids. In the Netherlands she subsequently works as a ground stewardess, ski instructor and temp in health care. She has been working as a nurse in a rehabilitation center for the last ten years. Next to her job she is developing as a visual artist in no time. And although she only just started, she is selling her work and has been asked to hold an exhibition. The style of her work is expressive and explosive. Sometimes she creates a painting within an hour. The themes of her colorful, intuitive creations involve women, love and hidden obsessions of Penris-Egger. "I work fast and explosive", she says. "That is what works best for me. I am not really into structure or correct anatomy. It has to express exactly how I feel and how I mean it." The positive responses on Facebook encourage her to continue like this. She calls the birth of a painting a miracle. "You start with nothing to create something", she explains. "That is the magic and chemistry of paper and paint. You will look differently at sources of inspiration if you are self-taught like me. My goal is colorful art. And I explore the joy of the most beautiful way humans can express themselves: the visual art."
Whitney Counterweight 2014
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