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Reynard, 2014, graphite on paper, 30 x 22 in

Running the Numbers, 2014, graphite on paper

Rebecca Clark

I make drawings of the natural world, transient moments of grace and beauty. Inspired by plant and animal studies of the Northern Renaissance, nature mysticism, and Buddhist teachings of life cycles and impermanence, my art acknowledges interconnectedness in nature and our loss of connection with the sacred.

Released from the Heart


David Taulbee Anderson

My work is an imaginative re-creation of the aspects of nature and the world that interest me at the time of their creation.


awaiting statement

November 12, 2012
The arts are more than culture—painting, writing, music, theater, photography, dance, writing—are one, they join hands, they seek segues, they open wormholes. There's no way to ripen without them

February 26, 2013
...when I make art I cast my net into the sea of intuitive knowledge anyway. It’s a very big fish. I have learned that to catch one I've had to develop skills. And once I developed skills I couldn't help but to want to learn more, to learn more about intricate, complicated, unbreakable nets. Whoosh! Got one!

Jennifer Wynne Reeves

Jennifer Wynne Reeves creates collages on boards that some include wire, some hair or feathers, and some thick applications of paint. This approach could by no means represent flat wall art. The dimensionality makes the art continue in space.

John McKie

I suppose I mainly think about corruption, futility, media brainwashing, advertising, celebrity, injustice, death, politics, science, spirituality, religion etc. and how fantastic and capable we are as a species but how little we do really, me included.

Prometheus, 2012 Oil on canvas 64 x 54 inches

Daphne 2013, Oil on Canvas, 70"x 50"

Kyle Staver

I don’t think it’s an accident that mythical subjects are often taken up by artists in mid to late career. I have grown increasingly interested in speaking with the big boys of Western art, stepping into their homes, working with their darker palettes and their darker subjects, classical mythology, especially

They wanted more, 9 x 11, everything I own on paper, 2014

Duplicate yourself in 2014, expand your energy...

Michael Alan

It’s not that less is more, it’s that saying less and doing more is more. Everyone’s clock is ticking. There are so many needs and wants. Beautiful flowers and plastic bags. Make sure to be torn in half a couple of times before you leave this planet so you get some real perspective on all your bullshit.

"SPANISH POET" Enamel and Stainless Steel 78x65x35 inches 9-29-2012

"DAY FOR NIGHT" 45x45x24 inches Stainless Steel and Enamel 2013

Peter Reginato

I have been working with welded steel as an artistic medium since 1969. Drawing has always been an important aspect of my work. It is important for me to make my own shapes by hand, rather than rely on found objects or neutralizing the forms, color, or compositions. I feel that pushing the issue of drawing, gives my work a depth not found in the formalist and minimalist art world or work that relies on mechanical tracing.

Gouache on Metro Subway Map 3/11/14

Cat-0-Puss and Woman II, oil on canvas 3/19/14

Rick Prol

Duplicate yourself in 2014, expand your energy......let go of what is not working and find what is, everything is there. It is your heart, your soul, its beyond dumb human life shit

November 5, 2013

October 17, 2013 Detail

Tim Maxwell

Tim's drawings are influenced by Celtic illuminated manuscripts, medieval depictions of the Last Judgment, human ornamentation, and the self-help quality of punk and hardcore music. Like Renaissance and Baroque Period artists, he finds inspiration in Greek and Roman mythological figures, which he “un-constructs” or flays and then reconstitutes in a style that uniquely melds street and tattoo art.

Trading in disposable pieces of text to make a living, real thoughts no matter how empty they become in the end, I feel like my employment has become synonymous in my mind with the dry and flattened reality of the country.

My job is filling the Internet with all of the text that passes by as we surf the web for information. Because I can choose writing jobs, my list of texts reads like a tightrope walk between good and evil.

Damien Crisp

Our system can sell anything except real meaning. The more money you make, the more you confront this impossibility of attaining real meaning through the system you have beaten. This..., is a motivating factor behind the art bubble. Collectors with as much money as you can desire are trying to buy meaning but their influence promotes empty art. And even if they buy a deep complex artwork, they cannot understand making it. They can never buy what they seek.

Installation- "If Little Girls Ran the World, Could It Get Any Worse?"

"Recognition"- acrylic and paper on canvas - 71" x 56"

Lisa Renko

Lisa Renko actively pursues and investigates ideas and directions that she feels authentically challenge established art lexicons....To pursue such investigation, she believes that one must engage confusion and chaos , and acknowledge them as evolutionary agents.

The Cow Whisperer Dec 11, 2013

Snow Storm Met Dec 15, 2013

Jerry Saltz

I've said this a million times: 1. People can take anything they want from me in any way they want. 2. Compile all my writing under your name. Sell it. Your money. Your work. 3. Compile all my writing under my name; sell it; your money. Your work....Take anything you want from me. Anything.

"Ms. Boa" March 2014

Rubens would have placed his 3 graces in my painterly abstract field had he lived now.

Barnaby Ruhe

The (1977) Counterweight was the lark of Vernita Nemec, Bill Rabinovich, and Barnaby Ruhe, and it may have tindered the Times Square Show and the East Village Phenom since artists got the point no need to wait out the galleries.

2014, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"

2013, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"

Mike Hamilton

"There are paradoxes here that are rigorously controlled "and yet granted freedom."
Leon Golub

Winter Sunacrylic glaze on gessoed paper: 24x30

2013, acrylic on canvas, 50" x 30"

Jacqueline Sferra Rada

Using landscape and the nuances of atmospheric conditions, I simplify, clarify and reduce elements to simple form and color to recreate what I see and experience in its visual essence.

Jeff Kappel
Stylist - Katrina Haugen
Model - Rebekah Ford
MUA/H - Hayley Sachs Artisty
Photography - Jeff Kappel. — with Katrina Meowgen, Hayley Sachs and Rebekah Joy Morley

the epiphany of alison
photograph by jeff kappel
model by alison wonderland
copyright 2013 — with Alison Wonderland.

Jeff Kappel

Jeff Kappel is a photographer and artist who currently resides in Minneapolis MN. U.S.A. His work has been published in multiple publications including CHURN magazine, Bicycle Review and Rolling Thunder Press.

The Tigers (after Delacroix) is 2ft by 3ft

'Refinery by the Bay' is 20" x 16"

Phil King

"...This reflection encouraged me, and then instilled a kind of vertigo...." - Jorge Luis Borges

Reverend Billy

"... by Earth Radical I mean simply the kind of person who might do something radical enough to make a difference in this apocalyptic crisis we all face."

Taro Suzuki


Coffee painting

Alexandra Penris-Egger

I explore the joy of the most beautiful way humans can express themselves: the visual art.



Mel Chen

"I did these drawings during a brief sojourn as a guest in a N.J. correctional facility... The audience was quite captivating and very arresting...."

Collage Number 3, 6" x 6" acrylic on wood

Collage Number 1, acrylic on wood

Joni Spigler

"But ideas which are clear and distinct can never be false." - Spinoza

Land of fish & mattress

sick note

Nick Freestone

"1) first and foremost how long till breakfast ?"

Every Quarter (2013), oil on canvas, 60 x 60 inches.

Conjoined Painters
with Matthew Collings and Emma Biggs

Biggs & Collings

Biggs & Collings challenge and inspire how we 'see' in their rubric of color, pattern, and repetition.

ten drawing collage/kites for Afghanistan

Volcano Island

Wesley Kimler

"Visual language, no need for explanative clutter."What "existence" means is determined by the proof. The end-result of a proof is not isolated from the proof but is like the end surface of a solid. It is organically connected with the proof which is its body...... I act with complete certainty. But this certainty is my own." Wittgenstein

Stephen Lack

Lack is like most of us, a celebration of contradictions that only look like stasis for a second before moving on.


Honenfurh alterpiece, Bohemian gothic, Prague:

Simon Deakin

"the process of posting images ripped from context and seeing other postings coming up by other people is more interesting as art in 2014 than any of the individual stories/postings. And all of this is owned by an oligarchy. I think its time to start owning it."

Coral Reef. 28" X 22"

I Wood if iCloud. 28" X 22"

Judy Rifka

“I am building the surface forward … and laterally. They are constantly in competition with each other.” The impetus is on capturing raw direction coming from her mind’s eye.

Baptism of Pope Vernita, animated photo frame light sculpture
The Baptism of Pope Vernita
A Solar System Far Far Away, animated photo frame light sculpture
In a Solar System Far, Far Away

Flash Light

Whatever your favorite movie is, you wouldn't watch it 24/7 the way you might appreciate your favorite painting. The formal issue which concerns me is doing time based fine art.

"Les Femmes Flirtent"

"Paris Women"

Paul Russo

"I work intuitively without any forethought or plan..."

"November 1st"


Paul Rousso

My work explores the relationship between the two dimensional politics of the printed page and the multimedia promise of future enhanced life experiences.

Nothing is Really New Ipsa Historia Repetit

Ars longa, vita brevis

Elliott Barowitz

awaiting statement

Secret Garden 1

Day at the Beach

Ayn S Choi

I'm always exploring new ways of painting via lines, color and forms.

Janelle and Audrey 1983 acrylic on plaster

Luis and Virginia Arroyo 1980, acrylic on plaster

John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres

awaiting statement

Sifting Through Time As Light Plays And Color Flows

1983 Religion, Oil ,Water

Peter White

awaiting statement

Nico Dios Smith

These are two of a long series of drawings that contain an unspecific narrative.

"Paper Hornet"

Beeeee good!

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

My work abuts the rough edge between freedom and responsibility, nature and culture.

cornered 2014

nude 2014

Walter Robinson

When the art world wants you, it will come and get you.

"My Interpretation of Picasso's 1936 watercolor “Composition (Composition au Minotaure)” 03-03-14/b>

"The Muse" 03-09-14

Bill Rabinovitch

I continue taking on Picasso -- but in mostly innovative ways from the get go.

Musa Hixson

Spherical shapes have been a reoccurring image in my work for many years. These spheres represent a spirit that is continuously linked to the earth... I see life as abstract and sometimes ambiguous, while concurrently presenting certain rhythms. I judge my work by how well I stay in tune with these rhythms.

Whitney Counterweight 2014
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