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Flash Light

with Vernita N'Cognita and Bill Rabinovitch

(Note: It may take a few minutes for the gif images to download before the animations run smoothly.)

The Baptism of Pope Vernita, animated photo frame light sculpture

The Baptism of Pope Vernita in the Virtual Waters by The Church of Art
in collaboration with Vernita N'Cognita
edition of 3 digital 7" photo frames
©: 2012 some rights reserved
The Church of Art was co-founded in 2008 by Pope Vernita, High Priestess Vesna, and myself. Our church's motto is, "Salvation through the Spiritual in Art." You can learn more about the myth behind this work at TheChurchOfArt.org

In a Solar System Far, Far Away, animated photo frame light sculpture
In a Solar System Far, Far Away
in collaboration with Bill Rabinovitch
edition of 3 digital 7" photo frames
©: 2013 some rights reserved

This work imagines what it would be like for an artist to visit one of the exoplanets which have been discovered by astronomers in distant solar systems. The narrative is taken from chapter 10 in a graphic internet novel which deals with an artist becoming involved in the worlds of science, and science fiction, and how this effects his art. This mythic work in progress can be viewed at Rabinart.com.

Whatever your favorite movie is, you wouldn't watch it 24/7 the way you might appreciate your favorite painting. The formal issue which concerns me is doing time based fine art.

In the series of which these two pieces are part, I conceived each work as a sequence of still images telling a narative story. They were photographed in a virtual world built of digital sculptures. and the photos are intended to be shown in a digital photo frame which permits a type of animation. They are reproduced on this webpage as gif animations. (Which is why it may take a few minutes for the gif images to download before the animation runs smoothly.)

In terms of content, this work ranges from metaphysical concerns, to the nexus of those concerns with art and science.

In terms of my philosophy of art, I've come to believe the myth surrounding an art work is as important as the work itself, Therefore I've built a website for each piece intended to help create the myth I want to see surround the work.

Selected Reviews


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