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"If the Whitney Biennial comes, can the Whitney Counterweight be far behind?"
Grace Glueck, N.Y.Times, 1981

My Offer to The Yams Over “The Yams Collective” Pulling out of the Whitney Biennial 05-15-14

My Whitney Counterweight's 2014 Ongoing Response to the Whitney Biennial: Our Whitney Counterweight’s of the past had about half men to women & many minority artists. Because of it & higher quality & freshness of our art & being live in physical spaces — we crushed the Whitney Biennial 3 times in the past in 1977, 1979 & 1981 when headquartered in SoHo a long time ago - so then said all the art media in NYC.

The lack of minority artist’s & diversity in the Whitney Biennial’s is the issue with Yams & others. I don’t let the Whitney off the hook as these are contentious issues the Whitney’s utterly failed at yet again, worse than ever before, especially after the current pulling out of Yams Collective. It suggests the Whitney’s not thinking correctly. Institutional thinking remains dominated by other huge corporations & the others lack of ethics/immoralities are contributing heavily to accelerating global warming & the certainty of worse calamities than Sandy — if we don’t fast wake up.

So: I hereby invite the Yams Collective to be part of the The Whitney Counterweight 2014 — even at this late date — even if they ignore my offer — as I find their resolve taking a major risk toward achieving a better society inspiring. Please read our Statement & History page.



Jerry Saltz

"The Cow Whisperer" Dec 11, 2013

"I've said this a million times: 1. People can take anything they want from me in any way they want. 2. Compile all my writing under your name. Sell it. Your money. Your work. 3. Compile all my writing under my name; sell it; your money. Your work....Take anything you want from me. Anything." Jerry Saltz

"Julian Schnabel Versus Bill Rabinovitch" 1996 -- 30 Minutes
Bill Rabinovitch's original play made for cable TV
from bill r on Vimeo.

Filmed throughout SoHo in 1996 about art & art stars on people's minds including issues of competition, power, Basquiat & Warhol. Bill Rabinovitch premiered his original play a few months after Schnabel’s Basquiat film. Bill's play proved to be a new & complex form of experimental television with comedic & serious elements that quickly attained fame. One of his most popular, good natured & wild unpredictable plays with a wide artist cast plus real life Cameos by dealers Leo Castelli, Larry Gagosian, Tony Shafrazi. etc, created & directed for his then Manhattan Cable public access TV show. This play was broadcast over 100 times over years, as selected by Time Warner for all it's 4 channels both day & night when other producers failed to deliver their tapes.

More description about this play as well about my vast video archive of NYC art world openings on the linked Vimeo page I’ve personally taken over more than 2 decades. I’ve developed an exciting plan in 2014 seeking backing, so we can all have an interactive time machine experiencing what went down — when art still trumped money.

New artists will be featured on this homepage regularly,
Whitney Counterweight 2014
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