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Michael Alan

They wanted more, 9 x 11, everything I own on paper, 2014

Duplicate yourself in 2014, expand your energy......let go of what is not working and find what is, everything is there. It is your heart, your soul, its beyond dumb human life shit

The best kind of comedy is dark comedy. Better yet a dark tragedy .It allows you to cut your ego in half, and throw all the human bullshit out the window. It’s not that clean of a break, a lot of the fragments and messy parts will squiggle around your outside area for a while. You will have plenty of time to look inside your body and feel endless pain, Endless pain has great rewards, and we all want rewards.

After the first two years of whatever tragic accident you’ve been in you can either overdose or make to the beginning of your new life. “Fuck You!” I’m here. You now have anti-hero powers, and you can choose to see them and become a rigid, bullet proof fearless activist, or a raging alcoholic, or whatever choices I’m too lazy to type out, but hopefully you go for the character you always wanted to be.

Just like Ralph Arpio (One of my best collectors) said, “You can only duck death so many times.” So the Percosets are flushed and the Vicodan is long gone. The Roxis were never taken and you go with it or against it or whatever the right path is to complete your mission. Every one is in pain, the mind is a looping roller coaster instinctually set up to save you. Watch out for the Dinosaurs, they are never coming. You never live until you can say less. It’s not that less is more, it’s that saying less and doing more is more. Everyone’s clock is ticking. There are so many needs and wants. Beautiful flowers and plastic bags. Make sure to be torn in half a couple of times before you leave this planet so you get some real perspective on all your bullshit.

Dedicated to Mellisa Carroll who passed today a real hero. Hard for me to digest seeing another painter suffer, make art and pass on. This is for you. Flying angel, oil and ink, 2014
Whitney Counterweight 2014
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