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Bill Rabinovitch is curating the 2014 Whitney Counterweight entirely from work posted by artists to Facebook, He feels this makes the 2014 Counterweight contemporary with our times, and consistent with how artists now present work. This year in addition to the art & new ideas for this radical Internet based survey -- there will be video, cutting edge new media, music, and poetry, plus a live Artists Talk on Art (ATOA) symposium at the posh downtown NY Law School, April 4, 2014 at 6:00PM about the early Counterweights & my new Facebook version for 2014 representing many of the hottest most inventive artists of today I've curated. and a summation of what the Counterweight accomplished toward it's goals this year - with an invitation to Whitney to offer live response.

Bill says, "Whitney Counterweight 2014 is totally internet based, strictly an invitation show -- about both art & ideas -- the ideas big -- the artists formidable, exciting & compelling… & predicting it will again be successful solidly vanquishing the Whitney Biennial as in the past, but this time with new agendas.

"It's time for artists to regain the territory they relinquished to the system -- where they've mostly become mere replaceable cogs producing indifferent art for market. A primary issue will be the issue of quality over quantity & what that means in terms of new thinking, feeling & drive in moving things forward toward a more meaningful art world capable of creating positive change.

"Our 1977 Whitney Counterweight Manifesto sounds as good today - more than ever:

"It is the belief of the Whitney Counterweight that artists should be, realistically, responsible & adequately equipped to initiate change, redefine and liberate new movements in the world in which we are one of the working forces. We artist's are our own gatekeepers and it is from us, not the anterooms of creation, that new visions and new movements arise"…. "American art by definition includes several aesthetic realities, several cultural realities and a broad geographical representation. We are responsible for our times".

Unlike other art shows Whitney Counterweight 2014 has No Expiration Date… & will last as long as Youtube/Facebook… even improving over time. It's an ongoing glove in the face to the Whitney Biennial in 2014 -- just as we succeeded doing in the far past multiple times -- again proving a few artists can mount something of more significance with higher quality art with no budget… that the art can raise consciousness & make a difference to the wider public beyond any consideration of marketing

"The 2014 Winter/Spring issue of Worcester Polytechnic Institute Journal (one of America's top engineering & science universities) featured my statement below reproduced in a large size font with this image:

Artists Preserving Our Inner True Spirit about Nature & Reaching the Public
by Bill Rabinovitch

Artists Preserving Our Inner True Spirit about Nature & Reaching the Public represents his desire to bridge the gap determined by corporations, which he says have lost us the means to influence the public about the planet. "There are many causes about saving Earth", he writes, "but shared words alone on Facebook prove not able to produce change -- so perhaps newer, deeper more inspired images coming from otherwise throttled artists' visions everywhere on Facebook -- can kickstart things to greater & more effective art than the gallery system. Picasso & Van Gogh did so & every serious artist can reach out as well with their truly deeper feelings & unused abilities. There is little artists can not accomplish."

Whitney Counterweight 2014
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